Yeti Exchange Guide to Farming: 500%+ APY at launch.

Note: this guide assumes you have an understanding on how to setup your BSC wallets and connect to the Binance Smart Chain. If you are new to that, click here to setup your wallet. If you have questions, please join our telegram support group.

Early participants have a unique opportunity to get involved with $YETI tokens at an early stage, stake them within the liquidity pools, and earn sustained yield throughout the launch period.

What is Farming?

Farming YETI tokens allows you to earn rewards in APY and YETI Tokens for as long as you stake your tokens in our liquidity pools.

What is APY?

APY stands for annual percentage yield. The higher the APY for the pool, the larger the YETI rewards you will receive on your amount farmed. YETI rewards are incentives for your participation.

How do I take part?

STEP 1: Go to

  • Click on Exchange from the menu

STEP 2: Exchange

  • YETI Contract: 0xA75Bd41Bf2400359e5c026A2551DbfcA70F8E2A7
  • Exchange BUSD or BNB for YETI in the Exchange section

Note: As this is fair launch with limited YETI pre-minted (which will be burnt within the first 30 days), there may be limited $YETI staked in the Liquidity Pools (LP) to be able to purchase immediately post-launch.

You may see this message Insufficient liquidity for this trade” at times until more YETI get’s mined and added to the LP.

  • Simply stake in other LP’s to generate YETI.

STEP 3: Add Liquidity.

  • Add a token pair to the Liquidity Pool in exchange for LP tokens. The ratio dollar ratio between YETI other token is fixed initial at 1to 1 (in value). i.e. 2000 YETI + $1000 BUSD.
  • You will now have LP tokens to use to stake in the respective farms.

STEP 4: Stake LP Tokens in Farms

  • On the Farming page, you will see the APY displayed at the top of each pool. At the beginning the APY numbers will look jaw dropping high as there is no active farming taking place therefore every pool will be ripe for the picking.
  • Each pool is a token pair for example BUSD + YETI or BNB + YETI that you will use your LP tokens with.
  • Stake your respective LP tokens in the farm to earn $YETI
  • Click and Approve Contract (you may need to adjust your gas price to at-least 20 due to the overload on the system lately)
  • Add LP tokens to the farm
  • Earn $YETI
For illustrative purposes only

Note: The display will now update to show your LP staked. The longer you stake the more YETI APY rewards you earn. You can unstake at anytime and simply reverse the process to get back your tokens.

STEP 5: Harvest

To claim your $YETI, click on Harvest and the $YETI will be added to your wallet. (Make sure you’ve already added the $YETI address to reflect in your wallet).

Harvest YETI — This allows you to claim the rewarded YETI tokens into your wallet, while keeping the staked amount in the liquidity pool to keep farming additional rewards of YETI

STEP 6: Unstaking

At any time, you no longer wish to farm, simply unstake your tokens to return them back to your wallet. Then you can remove the token pairs from the liquidity pools to claim back your tokens.

It’s as simple as that!

— Powered by YETI!


About YETI

Yeti Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap Exchange. Core features include Exchange, Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, Pool Staking with many others features to come including a Lottery Pool, NFT Marketplace, Referral Program etc.

The launch for Yeti’s native token, $YETI, is set for April 21th, 2021.

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